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Dr. Dave Anderson

Dr. Dave Anderson
Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Dave Anderson is a 2004 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Optometry. He is a past president of the Ohio Optometric Association(OOA) and continues to serve on many committees at the state and national-level.

Dr. Anderson enjoys advocating for his patients and has beeninvolved in the passage of many bills, including the elimination of salestax on optical items. He lectures and authors articles on eyecare andpractice management topics. Dr. Anderson enjoys the challenge of treatingglaucoma and other eye diseases, with a special focus on Dry Eye Diseaseand Myopia Management. He is a former instructor at The Ohio StateUniversity College of Optometry in Ocular Disease Clinic, and has been aninvestigator in clinical trials for contact lenses and ocularpharmaceuticals.