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Optomap Retina Photo


Miamisburg Vision Care recommends an Optomap Retinal photo at every comprehensive eye examination. The Optomap is a photo that shows a comprehensive view of the retina (back of the eye). This photo allows your doctor to screen for possible abnormalities or signs of disease, some of which may be difficult to see otherwise. Your Optomap images are stored digitally so that your doctor can track changes in your retina over time. In many cases Optomap photos can be used in place of dilating your eyes allowing you to avoid the side effects of dilating drops, which are blurry vision and sensitivity to light for several hours. Those patients who need to have a yearly dilated examination, specifically diabetics, still benefit from having an optomap image because it gives a much more thorough examination of the eyes.

If you ever have any questions about the optomap before or after it is complete, you are always welcome to ask. If you have any questions regarding optomap, contact us today at (937) 866-3471.