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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye exam

During a comprehensive eye examination, your technician will conduct several preliminary tests prior to you seeing the doctor. Our doctors recommend Optomap retinal imaging as part of these preliminary tests. Read more about the Optomap here. Once in the examination room, your eye doctor will take a careful case history to determine your visual and ocular health needs. After a review of the preliminary tests and retinal photos, your doctor will determine your prescription and discuss your vision correction options. The alignment of the eyes will be assessed, and the health of the eyes will be examined using a microscope. After examining the front of the eye, a special magnifying lens is used to view the internal structures of the eye more closely. If needed, your pupils may be dilated. Your doctor will take time to explain any visual or eye health conditions discovered at the examination and make recommendations based upon your specific wants and needs.

Our doctors at Miamisburg Vision Care recommend yearly eye exams to maintain your best vision and eye health. Eye exams can be performed for people of any age or ability. Call today to schedule your appointment.

After these tests, we review the results and discuss treatment options or corrective lens choices. Contact us at (937) 866-3471 today to schedule your eye exam.